Focus Ideas

Social Spamming? Not really.


You maybe asking what’s with all the White Gazelle posts lately – sharing articles and insights on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook? Is this social spamming? Not really. Here is the backstory how I start focusing ideas socially. …Read more»

Focus Ideas

Online, one size does NOT fit all

JRICH's new site manages and socializes content to connect and network with clients.

So, are you attempting to slip into what others are “doing”, before understanding why it was “done” that way in the first place? Best to roadmap your marketing ideas before you start splitting at the seams. …Read more»

Focus Ideas

A company who cares is self-aware.

Successful sites are founded on positive customer experiences in the real world.

It takes guts to fully envision a brand throughout your corporate culture. The company must embrace all the dynamics impacting staff, services, products and customers to become truly “self-aware”. The company must care about the means to justify the ends. It must listen, learn and make informed business decisions to grow in a unified direction. …Read more»